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"We have so enjoyed having you folks come out and do the Pig Wrestling and Greased Pig Contest at our county fair. You do a great job having it all organized and the kids (and adult participants!) have a blast. Everyone looks forward to this event every year at Fair. I hope the organizers ask your company to keep coming back, and I am happy to recommend you to anyone who calls us and asks about the quality of the show you put on" 
Dawn Ballou, Editor, Pinedale Online!

In the Double D Pig Wrestling, teams have one minute to catch their pig and place it into the barrel in the middle of the pen, rear-end first. The catch is the "pen" is filled with slippery clay mud and the pig is smeared with the same slippery substance, so it is a challenge to catch the squealing porkers.

There are categories for kids 8 and Under, Youth age 9-15, Women and Men. Pigs are sized for the contestants. Little kids chase piglets. Big burly guys get large hogs to wrestle. Each team can have up to four people.

Before each division competes there is a Calcutta to auction off each team to the highest bidder, with the winning teams bidders getting a percentage the Calcutta proceeds.

The winner teams usually receive a percentage of the entry fees and any jackpot money that has been added in.